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hekate github

Joined: May 8, Messages: 55 Country:. Hello everyone, this is a fork of hekate-ipl I made that works on 1. Last edited by Jan4VJun 4, Joined: Apr 17, Messages: Country:. Last edited by CentergamingMay 8, Deleted Newbie.

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Great job! Fixed the youtube link for you. AnonymousHaHaYeah and Maximilious like this. GBAtemp Patron. Level 9. Joined: Nov 21, Messages: 2, Country:. Nice work mate. Last edited by MaximiliousMay 8, AnonymousTumoche and Centergaming like this.

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Page 1 of 2. Level 1. Joined: Feb 19, Messages: 14 Country:. I'm quite frankly a novice when it comes to switch homebrew, and normally require guides to make sure I don't do anything wrong.

Would anyone be willing to walk me through how to safely uninstall Hekate and either replace it with Atmosphere's vanilla bootloader, or a compatable bootloader for Tinfoil 8. Skirlez GBAtemp Regular.

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Joined: May 22, Messages: 1, Country:. Just use Awoo installer instead. Level Joined: Aug 5, Messages: 7, Country:. There are signature patches that makes tinfoil work as well you know. Level 2. Joined: Nov 20, Messages: Country:. You probally used the tinfoil 8 by itself vs the whole combo.

The best thing to do is use the piratepack that has evreything you need I ran into that problem a few days ago. You have to use the hekake build its very easy to find on the net. Last edited by SkirlezFeb 20, Last edited by PokketGMFeb 20, Level 7. Joined: Jan 10, Messages: Country:. Is there a guide to actually chainload from Hekate? Level 3.After following our guide, your system will consist of three core elements that can be updated.

Atmosphere, Hekate and your system firmware. When updating Atmosphere always make sure to read the release notes. They may list important changes and modifications to your system.

When a new version of Atmosphere releases, you can always update Atmosphere by following these steps:. It is also possible to update Atmosphere and Hekate through a homebrew utility called atmosphere-updater.

Checkpoint For 9.1.0 FW Released - New Hekate v5.1.0 & Checkpoint v3.7.4 For Switch

This utility should be installed if you followed our guide. If you did not install this utility, you can download it from here or from the homebrew appstore.

When updating Hekate always make sure to read the release notes.

Hekate — a highly-concurrent BitTorrent seeder.

Always check before updating your system firmware if the latest version of Atmosphere as well as the latest version of Hekate support the firmware version you are updating towards. In addition, updating to or past some firmwares update the gamecard firmware. Reference the table below for information about these. If at least one of the versions you are updating towards also updates the gamecard firmware, you will not be able to downgrade below that version without making the gamecard slot unusable until you update.

Atmosphere and Hekate come bundled with patches that automatically disable the gamecard slot if it is detected that the system has an older gamecard firmware that would be updated. If you boot into RCM on each boot for example by using AutoRCMthis means that the gamecard slot will not be updated and you can downgrade below that version. If this happens, you will not be able to use the gamecard slot as long as you are on the newer firmware.

If you keep your emuMMC offline, you will have to use a gamecard to update your system firmware, synchronize it with another Nintendo Switch or dump an updated firmware from your sysMMC.

You can learn how to make one here. This guide is made for updating your emuMMC. It is not for downgrading. Downgrading is also very dangerous and can lead to serious complications even when performed correctly. Please make sure you download ChoiDujour NX!

From here you can search these documents. Enter your search terms below.Before you start, boot your switch normally, and delete all the wifi networks.

You can add them back to your sysnand after completing this guide. A NAND backup is crucial. They can be used to restore the device to a working state in case of emergencies. Once the backup is finished, keep it somewhere safe. The best backup is the one you have but never need, and the worst backup is the one you need but never made.

Keeping your system up-to-date

To save space, it's recommended to compress the end-result with a. It's highly recommended that you use an SD card that is formatted to FAT32 and has at least 32 gigabytes of space free. This will still work on smaller cards, but it's not ideal. These keys are critical to have.

hekate github

In an extreme emergency, they can be used in conjunction with your NAND backup and other tools to restore your console to a working state. From here you can search these documents. Enter your search terms below. Making the Emummc, getting keys, and making essential backups. It will start making the emummc now. Hekate will stop producing these parts when it runs out of space.

Important These keys are critical to have. Enter RCM and inject the Hekate payload. If not, continue with step 4. If it does not prompt you, continue on to step 5. Press any button to return to the main menu. Navigate to 'Power off' with the volume buttons and select it with the power button.

Insert your SD card into your PC. Copy prod. Keys Action? Open this help n Next page p Previous page s Search.By KiwiSwitcherJun 14, 13, 55 0.

Page 1 of 3. OP KiwiSwitcher Member. Level 1. Joined: Jun 14, Messages: 22 Country:. Hi guys, I know this subject has come up before but none of the answers I've found in other threads have helped, so I was hoping someone might be able to walk me through solving this problem please.!

I am trying to Hack my Switch for the first time, and have followed two different guides to get me there.

hekate github

Both of them ended up in the same problem. I can't post links since I'm new, so if you want to see which guides I'm using, please google the following terms: First guide: "The Ultimate Noob Guide for Hacking your Nintendo Switch" Second guide: "nh switch guide getting started" Currently I am using the second guide. I have succesfully copied all the right files into all the right places as instructed.

I have successfully entered RCM mode and injected the Hekate payload. I have made my backups and now should be able to launch Atmosphere. The guide says: " Power on your Switch into RCM, and upload the Hekate payload Navigate to Launch with the volume buttons, and press the power button to confirm Navigate to Atmosphere FSS0 with the volume buttons, and press the power button to confirm " However in step 3, "Atmosphere FSS0" does not exist on the menu.

Instead, after selecting "Launch" in step 2, the following menu comes up: "[Launch configurations] Back Payloads. More configs. Can anyone help?

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Happy to answer all questions. Thanks in advance! Kubez GBAtemp Regular. Level 2. Joined: Jan 4, Messages: Country:. KiwiSwitcher likes this. Level 8.

Joined: Mar 13, Messages: Country:. You can find Goldtree on the Goldleaf githubthough I would recommend AluminumFoil as it supports multi-installs and is less buggy overall. There is a recommended Tinfoil build there. Hmm ok I am trying to download Aluminium Foil from the Github link you sent me NFates, but which file from that page should I download?By GalaxyYTJun 4, 57, Page 1 of 6.

Level 5. Joined: Feb 27, Messages: Country:. This was not my work. Link to the official Hekate Github page Tested on 5. Try on the firmwares you wish. Use the original sdfiles. You only need this new payload to fix sleep mode. Level 6. Joined: Jul 15, Messages: Country:. YES — Posts automatically merged - Please don't double post!

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hekate github

Thank you! Level 2. Joined: Mar 25, Messages: 24 Country:. Indigo MarzRaynxFabioArdis and 1 other person like this. Switch-Live Advanced Member. Level 1. Joined: May 19, Messages: 58 Country:. Wow, fantastic.

Good work. Joined: Jan 4, Messages: 52 Country:. Awesome, I've been waiting for this to really get into the homebrew scene! Joined: Jun 10, Messages: Country:.

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Naehrwert doing work!By CTCaerMay 1,3, Page 1 of Level Joined: Mar 22, Messages: 1, Country:. Hekate - CTCaer mod v4. So, please don't report problems that happen after leaving hekate - ipl hbmenu can't see apps, etc. Summary: CTCaer mod is based on naehrwert's hekate - ipl. It supports all sd cards except SDSC and automatically chooses if it will dump in parts or not, based on your free space and sd card filesystem.

Supports CFW launching in the following Switch updates all current : 1. X all 3. X all 4. X all 5. X all 6. X all 7. X all 8. In these cases from v1. Sometimes though it can't be fixed. In these cases you can force partial backup, by creating a new file called partial.

This specific file is attached hereif you have difficulties with hex editors. Just rename it from. It backups your eMMC, until it fills your card. It also uses a file called partial. When this is done you will see a similar message like the following procedure: After the session is done, press any key and Power off or Reboot rcm if you want to skip step 3 Switch from the main menu Move the files from SD card to your PC to free some space Don't move the partial.

This file, keeps tabs on which is the next part to backup. Notice 2 : If you have an unfinished partial backup and want to start anew, delete the partial. Otherwise your finished backup will probably corrupt, because Switch OS writes on your eMMC even if it seems you done nothing.

Troubleshooting when error occurs write it down for better support : In this mode, it's easier to skip the problematic area of your sd card. It will try to continue from the last part it was trying to backup. You may hit these problematic SD card areas. In this case, rinse and repeat the above steps, with always keeping the partial.